• Jan will make anyone feel at ease and do their best on the day. Most importantly, the end product is always fantastic and I have enjoyed the time we have spent working together very much. 
    — Maite Aguirre (piano)
  • Having Jan's feedback during our recording session was very useful. He knew my repertoire well and helped me to keep relaxed and give my best performance.
    — Dawn Burns (mezzo)
  • Jan knows what looks and sounds good and has exceptional attention to detail. During the sessions he gives constructive feedback and ensures that the end result is a product that you're really happy with.
    — Alistair Ollerenshaw (baritone)
  • I've recorded with Jan a couple of times now and have been so happy with the results! To work with someone who not only knows about sound engineering but also knows good singing is invaluable. Recordings can be nerve-wracking but Jan has put me completely at ease and we've always had very productive and fun sessions.
    — Jenny Stafford (soprano)

Demo Recordings

If you're a classical musician, chances are you've been asked for a recording of yourself performing. Video demos have become an industry standard, often replacing the first stages of an audition process. As performers, we owe it to ourselves to present the best we have to offer, and there comes a point when self-produced recordings come up short. If you're looking to take the next step and get a professional demo made, you've come to the right place.

I'm a performer myself. When you record with me you not only get an experienced producer and engineer, but also someone who's been where you are, as well as sat on audition panels. The microphone can be an intimidating presence in a room, but I'm there to get you sounding your best, and will do everything I can to make your session calm, fun and productive.


Why choose me?

  • I use audio recording equipment from industry leaders (AKG, Neumann, Sontronics, SE Electronics, Apogee, Apple Logic Pro X) and 4K-capable video cameras from Panasonic to capture your performance

  • multiple cameras allow us to put together an engaging film, showcasing your personality and artistry

  • my setup is completely mobile, so I can come record you in your favourite acoustic (or suggest venues I already know)

  • portable black backdrop guarantees an uncluttered look in any circumstances

  • I'm affordable, run the session according to your needs rather than mine, and can also advise how best to plan your recording session to make it as cost-effective as possible without compromising the final product, be it a simple audition tape or a comprehensively edited performance film

Feel free to contact me for a quote, or click here for more information regarding rates and venues.



Jan Capinski

Jan Capinski



Whether it's filming a performance, producing a trailer/promo, or taking content you already have and putting it together in a new and engaging way, I love finding a unique visual language to showcase what you do.

While demo recordings and showreels make up the bulk of what I do, I have also created promotional content for the likes of Wigmore Hall, the North London Festival, and DEBUT Classical.

If you're looking to create something that's a bit less run-of-the-mill than a simple demo or archive recording, do get in touch and let's discuss your specific needs.